Pipe Plug Z-F1

Pipe Plug Z-F1

Catalog sheet: 5.1-5

Pipe plug Z - F1 has been designed for closure and subsequent permanent blanking of pipes made by welding in a case when it is impossible to remove the medium out of the pipeline completely, or in a case when the medium may leak into the pipeline during the blanking process. In the piping containing combustible gas, this appliance eliminates the risk of explosion or fire when blanking the pipeline by welding. A rubber sealing component threaded into the blanking part. The blanking part has been adjusted for controlling the rubber sealing component and for installation on the pipeline made by welding. The rubber sealing components are produced with antistatic finish (surface resistance of the closing bodies RO ≤ 109 Ω in accordance with ČSN 33 2030 - Protection against harmful effects of static electricity).

Inner diameter of the pipe to be closed:
25 - 50 mm (1“ up to 2“)
Material of the pipe to be closed:
welding steel, other materials should be consulted with the manufacturer
Maximum operating pressure:
(after the installation is completed) 16 bar
Maximum pressure when loading into the pipe:
0,05 bar
Natural gas, water, non-aggressive gas and liquid, other media should be consulted with the manufacturer
Operating temperature:

uzavírací přípravky

Name ØD [mm] ØD1 [mm] L [mm] A [mm] Catalogue No.
Pipe plug Z-F1 DN25 25 - 30 35 90 22 271-1100-025
Pipe plug Z-F1 DN32 30 - 35 43 105 22 271-1100-032
Pipe plug Z-F1 DN40 35 - 45 49 105 27 271-1100-040
Pipe plug Z-F1 DN50 45 - 55 60 115 27 271-1100-050
D - application range for pipes with inner diameter from - to
D1, A, L - for dimensions following the scheme

A - wrench square

Scheme of position of the blanking part in the pipe to be blanked before welding