Catalog sheet: 3.3-1.1

The set is designated for the elimination of obstacles in valve spindle bodies built in distribution pipelines in particular where the partition in the spindle opening makes it impossible for the UDP-F1 to be used. A steel drilling bar passes through a chamber provided with a sealing element. The working part of the bar is adapted for the fixing of the drilling bit and in its control part it has a square piece for the setting of the ratchet for manual drilling. The set complies with requirements of CSN EN 1775: 2008, art. 8.2.3. as the they are designed so that all works could be executed without any media leak.

Item No. Name Catalogue No.  
1. Set SOP 331-1102-002  
  The set contains:    
2. Chamber SOP 332-1102-001 1pcs
3. Drilling rod SOP 332-1102-002 1pcs
4. Adapter SOP 332-1102-003 1pcs
5. Hole saw FKS 21 142-2200-021 1pcs
Hole saw FKS 30 142-2200-030 1pcs
6. Ratchet ½“ 142-2103-001 1pcs
7. Silicon grease 70g 252-2000-004 1pcs
8. Transport box SOP 332-1102-003 1pcs

Material and internal diameter of the pipeline to be fixed:
DN 32 and 40 mm (5/4“ and 6/4“)
Natural gas, non-aggressive gases, other media subject to consultation with the manufacturer.
Maximum pressure in the pipeline to be fixed:
Up to 0,05 bar
Working temperature:

Dimension of the connection thread:
G5/4“ and G6/4“ to CSN EN 228-1:2003
Total length with fully retracted loading rod:
5/4“ 350 mm, 6/4“ 360 mm
Maximum protrusion of the loading rod (metered from the chamber edge):
5/4“ 190 mm, 6/4“ 180 mm
Weight of the set including the transport box:
3,5 kg