Device S 1212

Device S 1212

Catalog sheet: 3.1

The compressed air straight saw S1212 is a system designated for straight transversal cutting of pipelines and full circular cross section profiles.* The compressed air drive unit is suspended to a fixing preparation attached to the pipeline to be cut. The fixing preparation provides for precise alignment of the drive unit and thus for the correct geometry and stability of the cut and so provides for the execution of askew cuts (deviation from the transversal upright direction): the fixing preparation may be equipped with a compressed air push on system, in such a case the drive is supplied with a push on system holder. Compressed air for the drive of the saw has to be properly treated in order to separate water and add some lubrication agent, for instance by an air treatment unit (following the sheet 3.3-1 of this catalogue). Normally, the system is supplied with an explosion-proof drive unit that complies with requirements of the Government Regulation No. 23/2003 Coll. for works in the zone 2 subject to the Government Regulation No. 406/2004 Coll.

* Another profile cutting is possible subject to consultation with the manufacturer.

Cut pipeline diameter:
Max. 700 mm (depending on the type of the set)
Diameter of the cut full circular profile:
Max: 250 mm
Deviation from the transversal upright direction:
15 °
Cut material:
Steel, cast iron, plastic (depending on the used Saw blade)
Working temperature: -10/+45°C**

Air working pressure:
6 bar
Air consumption at load:
1.5 cubic metre / min
Internal diameter of the connecting hose:
At least 13 mm
Number of swings of the saw blade:
330 / min
Length of the swing of the saw blade:
60 mm
Saw blade length:
300 – 970 mm

** The bottom limit of the temperature range may be limited when using the compressed air drive depending on measures taken to prevent freezing of condensate in the compressed air system. The upper limit may be increased subject to consultation with the manufacturer.