Set KOS-F1

Set KOS-F1

Catalog sheet: 1.4-1.1

The set is designated to remove sharp edges, chips and splinters of steel pipes (deburring) after their drilling using ballooning adapting pieces.

Deburred opening diameter: 57 mm
Deburred opening pipe material:
Steel, other material should be consulted with the manufacturer
Natural gas, water, other non-aggressive gases or liquids. Other media should be consulted with the manufacturer
Maximum pressure in the drilled pipeline:
Up to 4 bar (max. 16 bar – if completed with necessary equipment)
Working temperature: -50/+70°C *
* The bottom limit may be limited depending on measures taken to prevent freezing of condensate in the air system when using a compressed air motor drive.

Outer thread connection of drilled-in body:
G2½” outer diameter to EN 228-1:2003
Overall length with the deburring device fully retracted (with pneumatic drive attached):
920 mm
Overall length with the plug rod fully retracted:
1120 mm
Maximum deburring device rod protrusion (measured from the contact surface of the connection thread 2.5˝):
240 mm
Maximum plug rod protrusion (measured from the contact surface of the connection thread 2.5˝):
360 mm
Maximum width:
320 mm
Weight including transport box:
14 kg


Item No. Name Catalogue No.  
1. Set KOS-F1 141-1100-001  
  The set contains:    
2. Chamber KOS-F1 142-1100-001 1pcs
3. Deburrer 142-1100-002 1pcs
4. Pressure gauge unit straight 0 - 4 bar 142-2404-400 1pcs
5. Flexible magnet L260 212-2010-025 1pcs
6. Allen wrench No. 3 142-2103-003 1pcs
7. Deburrer pneumatic drive – 1800 rpm 142-2600-003 1pcs
8. Plug rod KOS-F1 142-1100-003 1pcs
9. Transport box KOS-F1 142-1100-004 1pcs
10. Spare parts set KOS-F1 142-1100-005 1 set
  Spare parts    
11. Deburring knives- set 212-2010-101