Installation Set FZ-V

Installation Set FZ-V

Catalog sheet: 5.2-4.1

The set is designed for safe application of the patches of FZVH type. The kit includes relief chamber with a steel stopper rod adjusted for handling the patch stopper, a control key and a wrench. The relief chamber has been adjusted for connection of a hose to vent the leaking medium out of the working area when the patch is being applied. The kit is supplied in a transport case.

Application of patches of FZVH type made by FASTRA, s.r.o.
Natural gas, non-aggressive gas, other media should be consulted
Pressure load:
max. 40 bar
Flow of the medium:
max. 150 m3/hour


Item No. Name Catalogue No.  
1. Set FZ-V 521-4101-001  
  The set contains:    
2. FZV chamber with pressure relief 522-4101-001 1pcs
3. Plugging rod FZ-V 522-4101-002 1pcs
4. Control tool FZ-V 522-4101-003 1pcs
5. Allen wrench no. 3 142-2103-003 1pcs
6. Pressure hose PYROJACKET 25/3m 522-4101-023 1pcs
7. Transport box FZ-V 522-4101-010 1pcs
  Supplementary equipment    
6. Pressure hose PYROJACKET 25/5m 522-4101-025  
6. Pressure hose PYROJACKET 25/10m 522-4101-028  
8. Protective anti fire case AL 38/1,5m 522-4102-015