Set OH

Set OH

Catalog sheet: 3.3-1.1

Preparations are designated for the elimination of minor irregularities following welding and of sharp edges inside pipelines (due to for instance division of steel pipes) built in a part of distribution pipeline next to main gas closing valves. Preparations are used for the trimming of the pipeline surface in particular prior to the use of the device RUP-F2. A steel loading rod provided with a cone stem mill and hexagonal ending for the fixing of a ratchet key used as a drive provided in the loading chamber with seal and de-aeration valve. For better occupational safety, the preparation is equipped with a handle and a pin preventing the removal of the rod from the loading chamber with locking bolts. Normally, the preparations are supplied in the set described below or as may be individually required by the customer. The preparations comply with requirements of CSN EN 1775:2008, art. 8.2.3. as the they are designed so that all works could be executed without any media leak.

Item No. Name Catalogue No.  
1. Set OH 331-1101-001  
  The set contains:    
2. Komplet OH DN15 332-1101-001 1pcs
3. Komplet OH DN20 332-1101-002 1pcs
4. Split cotter pin 232-1105-030 2pcs
5. Handle OH 332-1101-003 1pcs
6. Ratchet combination wrench No. 13 142-2106-013 1pcs
7. Transport box OH 332-1101-004 1pcs

Material and internal diameter of the pipeline to be fixed:
Pipelines of steel DN/ID 15 and 20 mm (1/2“ and ¾“)
Natural gas, non-aggressive gases, other media subject to consultation with the manufacturer.
Maximum pressure in the pipeline to be fixed:
Up to 3 bar
Working temperature:

Dimension of the connection thread:
G1/2“ and G3/4“ to CSN EN 228-1:2003
Total length with fully retracted loading rod:
OH DN15 300 mm, OH DN20 320 mm
Maximum protrusion of the loading rod (metered from the chamber edge):
OH DN15 200 mm, OH DN20 210 mm
Weight of the set including the transport box:
4,5 kg