Set RUP-F2/Mini

Set RUP-F2/Mini

Catalog sheet: 2.3-1.2

A set designated for the closing of a pipeline with an interior positive pressure at a place where the standard ½´´ closing preparation of the set RUP-F2 cannot be used because of a thicker wall of the pipeline and therefore a smaller internal diameter of the pipeline. The set is supplied with its basic accessories in line with the above specified set element sheet.

Item No. Name Catalogue No. No. of units
1. RUP-F2/Mini 231-1201-001  
2. Chamber RUP-F2/Mini (1/2") 232-1101-010 1
3. Guide rod RUP-F2/Mini 232-1102-010 1
4. Locking screw M8x20mm 232-1105-010 1
5. Locking nut Mini 232-1105-020 1
6. Sealing ring Mini 303-0110-400 1
7. Split cotter pin RUP-F2 232-1105-030 1

Interior diameter of the closed pipeline:
11 - 14 mm
Closed pipeline material:
Steel, PE, other materials may be used subject to prior consultation with the manufacturer.
Natural gas, water, other non-aggressive gases, other media subject to consultation with the manufacturer.
Maximum pressure in the closed pipeline:
up to 3 bar
Working temperature: -20/+70°C

Connection thread dimension:
G½“ external to CSN EN 228-1:2003
Total length with the loading rod fully retracted:
255 mm
Maximum protrusion of the loading rod (measured from the chamber edge):
115 mm
0,45 kg