Catalog sheet: 1.2-1.1

The set is designated for drilling into pipelines made of steel or PE as under positive media pressure through ballooning adapting pieces with an outer metallic thread 2 ½ “ or plastic outer thread 2 ¾.

The set is set up as an accessory system to the ballooning set and normally it is delivered without the transport package. The transport box may be delivered if so requested by the customer. The set is supplied including basic accessories as specified below in the set content description.

Diameter of pipeline drilled: no limit
Diameter of drilled opening: *
ø56 mm for PE pipeline
ø57 mm for steel pipeline
Drilled pipeline material:
Steel, PE, other material should be consulted with the manufacturer
Natural gas, water, other non-aggressive gases or liquids. Other media should be consulted with the manufacturer
Maximum pressure in the drilled pipeline: *
Up to 4 bar
Working temperature: Following the sheet 1.2
* The range may be modified using optional accessories (Following the sheet 1.2-2) to values specified in 1.2

Outer thread connection of drilled-in body:
G2”outer diameter to EN 228-1:2003
Overall length with drilling rod fully retracted (without chamber being assembled):
730 mm
Maximum drilling rod protrusion with assembled chamber F-M 2”-2.5” L95 (measured from the contact surface of the of connection thread):
270 mm (+ 70 mm by screwing in the movement body)
Maximum width:
200 mm
Weight of assembled set:
8 kg


Item No. Name Catalogue No.  
  Set COMPACT- F1 121-1100-001  
  The set contains:    
1. Drilling body COMPACT-F1 122-2000-001 1pcs
2. Drilling rod 18/750 142-2101-075 1pcs
3. Pressure gauge angle part 0-4 bar 142-2405-400 1pcs
4. Drilling bit FKS 57 142-2200-057 1pcs
5. Drilling bit FKPE 56 142-2207-056 1pcs
6. Centering pilot 8/100 142-2403-002 2pcs
7. Chamber F-M 2”-2.5” L95 142-2401-003 1pcs
8. Plug rod with internal square 142-2502-001 1pcs
9. Protective case 122-2000-003 2pcs
10. Allen wrench No. 3 142-2103-003 1pcs
11. Allen wrench No. 5 142-2103-005 1pcs
12. Ratchet ½” 142-2103-001 1pcs
13. Hook spanner 75-80 142-2103-075 1pcs
14. Spanner No. 22 142-2104-022 1pcs
15. Spanner No. 27 142-2104-027 2pcs
16. Spare parts set COMPACT-F1 122-2000-004 1 set