Device COMPACT - F1 up to 16 bar

Device COMPACT - F1 up to 16 bar

Catalog sheet: 1.2

The device COMPACT - F1 can be used for special works on pipelines with a media positive pressure using leak-proof technologies.

The device COMPACT F-1 can be used for special works on pipelines with a media positive pressure using leak-proof technologies.
Depending on their design, the devices are designated for:
a) Drilling – drilling into pipeline through drill-in adapting pieces and closing fittings or using prepared branch lines.
b) Stoppling – temporary suspension of media flow in a steel pipeline with media positive pressure using special adapting piece and closing fitting.

The drilling rod gets through the drilled body with seals and axial displacement mechanism with a drilling lock movement mechanism. The rod is adapted in its working section for the fixing of the drilling bit and the centering pilot or a bracing cylinder (depending on the application option). The control part of the rod is provided with square ending piece allowing for either manual or machine drilling.

The drilling body has connection thread at the lower part. The pipeline drilling and possible sealing of drilled opening should be executed using a closing fitting (for example a ball valve) and a special drill-in adapting piece (following the sheet the parts 4 and 5 of this catalogue).

The devices COMPACT F-1 up to 16 bar are designed and manufactured as kit systems that provide for a high level of variability. The device may be delivered as a below described set or individually set up sets based on customer´s requirements.

a) Diameter of pipeline drilled: no limit
Diameter of drilled opening: 8 - 100 mm
(depending on the set outfit) *
Drilled pipeline material:
This depends on the drilling bit used and drilled material properties (metal, plastic, asbestos etc.)
b) Diameter of the closed pipeline:
DN/ID 20 up to 50 mm (3/4” up to 2”)
Drilled pipeline material:
Welding steel, other materials should be consulted with the manufacturer.
Natural gas, water, non-aggressive gases or liquids. Other media should be consulted with the manufacturer.
Maximum pressure in the drilled pipeline: Up to 16 bar **
Working temperature: -50/+70°C ***
* In case of the use of an accessory system based on specific drilling condition (adapters, flanges, drilling bits etc.), openings up to the diameter of 125 mm may be drilled if consulted with the manufacturer.
** Maximum permitted positive pressure of the pipeline when drilling and stoppling depends on the type and outfit of the set
*** The bottom limit of the temperature range may be limited when using a compressed air drive for drilling depending on measures taken to prevent freezing of condensate in the compressed air system, the upper limit may be increased based on consultation with the manufacturer.


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